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Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

If you are a victim of a Fraudulent Unemployment Claim, please visit the attached website link and file a report with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. There is no need to contact the police department for a report unless there are other identity theft related issues as a result of your information being used.

Additional Information
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With more people walking and running on the roads, we want to remind you of some important safety tips and laws


Beginning Monday June 14th, Drake Road will be closed to all traffic between Indian Hill High School and Tangleridge Lane for about two weeks. (Weather permitting) Please plan accordingly if you travel through this area.



We are seeing an increase in car break-ins at our parks. Most seem to be taking place at Camp Dennison Park or at Kugler Mill Soccer Fields. In several cases, car windows have been broken out. It is VERY important to secure any valuables (wallets, electronics, purses etc...) in your trunk or leave them at home. Chances are, the vehicles are being looked in and if valuables are seen, the car is entered. We still recommend locking you car at all times. Do not leave a key hidden on your car (on the tire, under a bumper etc...). If you see anyone or anything that looks suspicious, please call the Ranger's ASAP, 561-7000, so that officers can check the area.

Updated 3 foot law 

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