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     Credit card SCAMS have been a huge problem for people when it comes to identity theft and misuse of a credit card. There are dozens of different SCAMS out there, all in an attempt to take advantage of you, and to gain money/property from your confusion.

     This page will be used to help inform you of the current SCAMS that are going around. These are not necessarily taking place in the Village, but we want you to be informed on what to look out for.


     There are a couple of important things to remember. Your credit card company will never contact you through e-mail to verify your information. If you get an e-mail to verify an account or personal information, the link that you click on in that e-mail may open yourself up to information being stolen. If you have a credit card in the name of the company supposedly looking for information, you should contact them on the phone using the phone number on the back of your card so that they can track the e-mails.


     If you get a phone call, you need to remember again, that your credit card company already has your information on file. If someone calls to “verify” your information, you should hang up and call the appropriate credit card company. Unless you initiate the phone call with the credit card company, NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!
     If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!! Take a step back and evaluate the whole situation before you act.

 Below are some alerts that the Ranger’s are made aware of from other departments. Unless noted otherwise, these are not current SCAMS being reported within Indian Hill. This is meant to be information only!! If there are ever any questions about a possible scam, please call the Ranger’s ASAP.

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