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Alarm Systems



     The Indian Hill Rangers strongly urge residents to use their alarm systems at all times. This is not just for the extended periods of time that you may be away from your home, but anytime you leave, or plan on being home for an extended period of time. Most systems allow the use of the alarm, while the home is occupied.

      Understanding your alarm system is very important. If you have questions about your system, have had several false alarms, or the system has not been checked by a technician for over five years, it may be time to contact your alarm company for service.

     The Rangers responded to over 1,170 false burglar alarms last year. It is our hope to continue to improve on these numbers each year and to bring awareness to the importance of a reduction in the number of false alarms, especially to repeat residences. False alarms to the same residence can instill a “crying wolf” response from the police. While all alarms are responded to with due diligence, repeat alarms may cause a slowed response from police.


     We encourage all residents to understand the ordinances set forth by the Village, as they pertain to alarms. We ask that special attention be made to section 90.08 FALSE ALARMS. This section explains the possible consequences with multiple false alarms within a period of time.


      Please understand that the Rangers will do everything to work with a resident who is having multiple false alarms.

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