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Telephone            Fax
513-561-7000             513-561-9459


Indian Hill Police Department

6525 Drake Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45243


Contact Form


   Please use the form below for general inquiries or to relay general information only.


A request for police services filled out on this form will not get an immediate response.


   If you have an emergency, please call 911! If you need to speak with a police officer, or if something needs immediate attention, please call the Ranger's at 561-7000.


   Residential Out-Of-Town Reports should  NOT  be submitted on this form. Please drop a form off  at the station or fax it to (513)561-9459. A copy of the form for printing is available by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your information. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that this contact is NOT monitored all the time and will NOT be responded to immediately. If you need police services, call 911 or the Ranger's at 513-561-7000 ASAP.

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