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Credit Card



Many of us have a credit card...or maybe a few credit cards. In today's world, the use of a stolen or lost credit card takes place countless numbers of times a day. Below are a few tips to help protect yourself from having your credit card information stolen, and to further prevent the chance of Identity Theft.


1)   Never give your credit card account number out over the phone, unless the call was initiated by    you.

2)   Do not write your PIN on your credit or debit card.

3)   On charge slips where there are blanks, for tips and such, cross out any blank areas that you do not wish an amount added to.

4)   Save your receipts.

5)   Check your receipts against you monthly statement. If there are any amounts that do not match, or if there are charges you do not recognize, report them to the credit card company immediately.


6)   Make a photo-copy of the front and back of all your credit and debit cards. Store these in a secure place, separate from your other records, to use as a reference in case a card is lost or stolen.

7)   If you are traveling, carry the fewest number of cards that you will need.

8)   Do not lend your card to anyone. Properly store and dispose of receipts properly.

9)   Report a stolen or lost card to the police ASAP. It is important to note that the report needs to be made to the local police department where the card was stolen or lost.

10) Be aware of possible Identity Theft.

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