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Below is a list of general services available from the Police Department


   Fingerprinting is available for residents and employees working within Indian Hill. The service is free and available 24/7 at the Ranger Station. The police department does NOT provide printing cards. These must be brought with you along with a valid ID. If you need to be fingerprinted, it is recommended that you call 561-7000 before you arrive, to make sure that an officer will be available to assist you. This service consists of ink printing to a paper card.


Sex Offender Search

   The attached link can be used to search the Sex Offender Registry in Hamilton County:

Away Reports

   If you are planning on going out of town, we recommend filling out and turning in an Away Report. These reports are used in the case of emergency contact should there be a problem at your residence while you are out of town. These reports are available under the FORMS section of the main menu at the top of the page.


Security Surveys

   Security Surveys are available to residents who request them. For more information, please see the CRIME PREVENTION section of the main menu at the top of the page.



   Copies of police reports and accidents are available from the Ranger Station 24/7. It is recommended to call 561-7000 to make sure that the report you are looking for is complete and available for release. Only completed cases are available for release. Cases still under investigation or incomplete will not be released in their entirety. Accident reports generally take 3-5 days to be completed and approved.



   Indian Hill Mayors Court is conducted at 6525 Drake Rd., in Council Chambers of the Administration Building. For more information of Indian Hill Mayors Court or to pay a ticket online, please visit:





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